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Find thousands of Halloween costume ideas and designs uploaded by veauty users. Halloween is yearly celebration that is commonly thrown on October 31st in fall. This event that is also known as the Hallows’ eve is commonly held to celebrate any kind of superstition. This yearly celebration was created from ancient Celtic festival where people can wear various kinds of costume of ghosts. Nowadays, Halloween becomes a yearly celebration of Christian which develops into child-friendly activities, community-based event and gathering moment with friends, relatives and neighborhood. Costumes & Halloweens are inseparable entities. It is because the costume is the point of the Halloween itself. There are no people who come into a Halloween party without wearing a costume.

And this day, the costume worn during the Halloween party doesn’t only come in ghost theme. Since the costume is unusual, creative and exiting, anybody can appear as the way they are in their own costumes & Halloweens. Well, zombie costume is the most popular Halloween costume worn by teenagers and adults. This costume involves various kinds of classic dress with terrified makeup as the finishing touch. The costume of zombie is very unique yet simple with ripped and dirty shirt. There is also vampire costume for Halloween. It is quite elegant yet frightening especially for children. However, the participant’s appearance is very essential to influence the Halloween party quality. The more frightening and creative the costume worn by the participants, the more exiting and memorable the Halloween party is. Hey, wearing superhero costume is allowed during the Halloween party. Some women even wear Superwoman costume to attract more men around them. There is also Batman in his black coat and mask. If you are creative enough, homemade costume will be a nice choice to cheerful the party.

For children’s costumes & Halloweens, some sheets of cardboard are required. With those sheets of cardboard, we can create a SpongeBob costume for your exiting Halloween. Just cut the cardboard to fit your children’s body size. Two sheets of cardboard are enough to be the front and back part of the costume. And then, we only have to paint both cardboards until they are dry. And finally we can make two small holes on the top part of both cardboards to insert the strings. The children can wear this economic costume easily with strings or straps on their shoulders.