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Well, skirts are mostly associated with women. Although there is also a skirt for a man that is known as kilt, skirt is always identical with women no matter what. What is skirt? If we usually complete our fashion style by wearing a pair of pants, skirt is actually a nice alternative which can be worn by women. It is a kind of bottom clothes that has two holes on the top and the lost part. One hole on the top is called waist. It is just like waist of pants, shorts and other bottom clothes. If the pants have two other holes on the lowest part, skirt only has one bigger hole on the lowest part where your legs will appear.

Hey, several years later, most women think that skirt is too old fashioned for them. It is because this skirt is generally worn by women in some previous centuries. Well, do you still remember Victorian and Edwardian era fashion style? Perhaps, most women only focus on that era only. Well, it is true that many skirts in retro style come in very old fashioned shape. Nevertheless, it must be very different with the skirts lately since modern fashion trends have experienced numerous meaningful developments. As the result, currently, many women’s skirt models are very incredible and fashionable. Even skirt appears in a wide range of cut and style. That’s why many modern women feel so confused at finding the best skirt shape for them. Well, here we are giving you little information about appropriate skirt shapes for your body shape. Let’s check them out below.

Basically, there are three kinds of skirt for women which are considered depending on the length. They are mini, midi and maxi skirt. The mini skirt is usually known as very short skirt. It is made tightly to for your petite bottom. Midi skirt is also called as tea-length skirt. It is made with a length that only can cover a ¾ part of your legs. This tea-length skirt is very popular in retro era. Maxi skirt is purposely designed for maxi women. The maxi skirts have floor-length cut sometimes with flared cut to cover your curves.